26 Oct

Spotify Premium Mod Apk Free Download

Spotify Premium Mod Apk isn’t formally available in my own country, how do I like the Spotify Premium features?

If you Find a mistake Message that states,”Spotify isn’t available in your nation.” Or if if you’re not able to make a fresh Spotify accounts, then you do not have to be worried as we have a workaround for you.

First, download and Install free Spotify Premium apk employing the tutorial supplied above and check our step-by-step manual here to eliminate state limitation and relish Spotify Premium download on Android telephone and tablet devices free of origin.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk Music Download Issues:

I attempted to download audio, along with the program showed me a telling to upgrade to premium. Why do I not download music and songs with this Spotify Premium program?

We’ve already Discussed the audio downloading attribute in the content above but let’s clarify the matter again. Downloading of album and music in addition to a offline listening choice has an immediate connection with the kind of your Spotify account. Which means in the event that you’ve got a Spotify free accounts and utilizing the modded Spotify Premium cracked program then you will not have the ability to download any audio. You have to get a Latest Spotify Premium accounts also.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk

Utilization of modded and cracked Spotify Premium Mod Apk won’t ever permit the download feature since this particular attribute is server-side and immediately connected to the accounts you’re using. In case you still desire offline listening, then please cover Spotify Premium no virus.

I’m not able to skip music, and that I really don’t have infinite skips. What’s wrong?

It Usually occurs when you presently have a Spotify file program installed in your own Android apparatus and try to put in the Spotify modded program on top of it.

The Only way to repair this would be to re install Spotify out of the phone/tablet entirely, also download Spotify Premium Mod Apk in the link offered in this guide and perform a fresh setup. We have the setup tutorial over.

I had been utilizing Spotify Premium, also now I have automatically logged out of the Spotify Premium program. And now if I attempt to log into, the program keeps out me. What is the Situation?

Please Do not worry since it is a known problem with all the Spotify Premium apk and we’ve got a working solution for you. All you will need to do is cache and information such as Spotify no root and use any VPN program to skip the login issue.

If You’re clueless Or in the event you did not know what we just stated above, follow this guide under:

  1. In your Android apparatus, visit Settings and pat Programs .
  1. From the set of programs, start looking for Spotify. Once discovered, tap it.
  1. Beneath the Spotify program information page, tap Storage.
  1. Harness the transparent information and transparent cache to convert your Spotify program to its first condition (that is the most important measure ).
  1. A popup message,”Every one this program’s data will be deleted forever. Including all files, settings, reports, databases etc..” you want to tap Delete.
  1. Download Browsec VPN program out of the Google Play Store and empower VPN (it’s possible to use’United States’ as the VPN place ).
  1. Establish Spotify and log in with your credentials.
  1. As soon as you’re successfully logged on, you are able to disable the VPN.



26 Sep

Why Does Flipboard Keep Crashing

Why Does Flipboard Keep Crashing?

Flipboard is one of the most informative applications that you will find which allows you to search out for content and news stories. The app also has widgets that can show you the latest content that is updated. However, the app has one problem despite having so many things and that is it keeps crashing. So why does Flipboard keep crashing is the main question that comes into the mind of every user who uses this app.

There are different reasons due to which your Flipboard app keeps on crashing. One of the major reason due to which the app keeps on crashing is due to the update. Once the update of the app is rolled out there are certain issues in it which are usually fixed later on. At that point of time, you might just witness the app not working properly or closing down automatically when you have flipped just one or two pages. Some other reasons for Flipboard crashing are given below:

Why Does Flipboard Keep Crashing

Flipboard Network Not Available

There are times when there is maintenance work going on due to which the servers of the app are down. At this point in time, your Flipboard app may not work properly and will start functioning once the servers are up.

Widgets Not Updated

When the widgets of the Flipboard app are not updated you can also face the problem of the app crashing down. The widgets need to be updated all the time so that you can get all the latest news on one go. The main reason for the widgets not being updated is due to no internet connection.

If these are not the reasons for Flipboard crashing then you can also try to uninstall the app and install it back again to resolve this issue.

14 Sep

Nights of Archeology at Semifonte

The nights of archeology at the Dome of Semifonte
Theatrical performance The Great Illusion
With Arsenal of Arts for the nights of archeology

With Arsenal of Arts for the nights of archeology - general rehearsal

In the evocative setting of the Dome of Semifonte, already a place of poor battle, the theatrical company Arsenale delle Arti, with readings, sound and visual impressions, will open a glimpse of the literary representation of war in the ancient world, where the heroic ideal is accompanied by awareness of the human dramas behind the war events.


I will disappear without a name, in the invisible desert of nothingness.
The echo of my lamentation will remain, a feeble song for those who will come

(Euripides, Troiane)

Paths in the night lead to a place of memories of pain, massacre, war. A monument stands in memory of a tragic past.

An open and illuminated dome is the place of the profound, of the individual and collective consciousness, a casket of the soul.

In the darkness of the night, intrigued branches of trees are uneasy thoughts, confused memories of a man whose consciousness re-emerges as from an inner forest-labyrinth, from an encounter with an impossible and always invoked death as a cessation of pain.

A telephone rings and emotional syncretism between memories create connections between parallel worlds. The soldier, now a relic reduced to a mutilated and fragmented body, becomes a paradigmatic history of pain that recalls the archetype of other immortal stories, of legends that found Western culture: myths.

Voices emerge from the dome of the human soul and presences, simulacra take shape because they share, sublimate in a poetic song the pain of all the victims: the great illusion of immortality in the beautiful heroic death.

"There is nothing noble about dying.

Not even when one dies for honor "

(D. Trumbo, And Johnny took the gun, 1939)
14 Sep


Last Sunday of March We inform you that Sunday, March 29 there will be an excursion dedicated to the knowledge of wild herbs for food use.

14 Sep

Visit to the Poggibonsi Archeodromo

Poggibonsi Archeodromo Sunday, October 25th

Visit to the Archeodrome

Meeting at the fortress of Poggio Imperiale in Poggibonsi 11.15 am for a guided tour, organized by the Started association, of the museum spaces of the Cassero and subsequent immersion in the time of Charlemagne with a visit to the full-scale reconstruction of a medieval village, rebuilt based on the archaeological investigations of the Poggio Imperiale site.

Cost € 8.00 per person - free for children.

For those who want to hold back in the afternoon or simply want to stop at lunchtime: Light lunch traditional Tuscan menu at L'Angolo di Gallurì - € 8.00 (€ 6.00 Achu members)

Reservations and info on info@chiantisegreto.org - cell. 3920989829.
A trip (in e-bike) in the Middle Ages at the time of Charlemagne

E-bike tour from Colle di Val d'Elsa to the archaeological park of Poggibonsi with guided tour of the archeodrome
E-bike Tour Program:

(organized by Toscana by Bike)

8.30 am, departure at Toscana by Bike (Montespertoli, via Taddeini 127).

9.00 am, meeting at the North Poggibonsi exit, public parking

Approximately 10 am departure from Colle di Val d'Elsa in e-bike to the archaeological park of Poggibonsi, with itinerary along the old railway.

11.30 am the Poggibonsi Archeodrome: a 'live' experience in the past of 1200 years ago in a village, visit to the museum and the archaeological area with the Started Association

13.30 light lunch at "Angolo di Gallurì"

4.00 pm Archeodrome presentation "Ivar and Svala brothers Vikings" organized by the Started Association

Costs and Reservations

For the launching of advertising and the inauguration of this new itinerary, exceptionally favorable rates will be adopted exceptionally

Є 25 per person: e-bike rental with chaperone for the whole day, transfer of participants

€ 5.00 guided tour of the Archeodrome

€ 8.00 lunch "Angolo di Gallurì"

€ 20 including lunch for those who come with their own bike
14 Sep

SUNDAY 30th August SATURDAY 6th September

"La Torre del Chito"

Meeting at 16.15 in Piazza Ugo Capocchini in Barberino Val d'Elsa and moving with own means to the place where the walking path begins.
Saturday 5th September

"From San Donato in Poggio to Cortine"

Meeting at 4.30 pm at the Pieve di San Donato in Poggio for the start of the walk.