Nights of Archeology at Semifonte

By | September 14, 2018
The nights of archeology at the Dome of Semifonte
Theatrical performance The Great Illusion
With Arsenal of Arts for the nights of archeology

With Arsenal of Arts for the nights of archeology - general rehearsal

In the evocative setting of the Dome of Semifonte, already a place of poor battle, the theatrical company Arsenale delle Arti, with readings, sound and visual impressions, will open a glimpse of the literary representation of war in the ancient world, where the heroic ideal is accompanied by awareness of the human dramas behind the war events.


I will disappear without a name, in the invisible desert of nothingness.
The echo of my lamentation will remain, a feeble song for those who will come

(Euripides, Troiane)

Paths in the night lead to a place of memories of pain, massacre, war. A monument stands in memory of a tragic past.

An open and illuminated dome is the place of the profound, of the individual and collective consciousness, a casket of the soul.

In the darkness of the night, intrigued branches of trees are uneasy thoughts, confused memories of a man whose consciousness re-emerges as from an inner forest-labyrinth, from an encounter with an impossible and always invoked death as a cessation of pain.

A telephone rings and emotional syncretism between memories create connections between parallel worlds. The soldier, now a relic reduced to a mutilated and fragmented body, becomes a paradigmatic history of pain that recalls the archetype of other immortal stories, of legends that found Western culture: myths.

Voices emerge from the dome of the human soul and presences, simulacra take shape because they share, sublimate in a poetic song the pain of all the victims: the great illusion of immortality in the beautiful heroic death.

"There is nothing noble about dying.

Not even when one dies for honor "

(D. Trumbo, And Johnny took the gun, 1939)