Why Does Flipboard Keep Crashing

By | September 26, 2018

Why Does Flipboard Keep Crashing?

Flipboard is one of the most informative applications that you will find which allows you to search out for content and news stories. The app also has widgets that can show you the latest content that is updated. However, the app has one problem despite having so many things and that is it keeps crashing. So why does Flipboard keep crashing is the main question that comes into the mind of every user who uses this app.

There are different reasons due to which your Flipboard app keeps on crashing. One of the major reason due to which the app keeps on crashing is due to the update. Once the update of the app is rolled out there are certain issues in it which are usually fixed later on. At that point of time, you might just witness the app not working properly or closing down automatically when you have flipped just one or two pages. Some other reasons for Flipboard crashing are given below:

Why Does Flipboard Keep Crashing

Flipboard Network Not Available

There are times when there is maintenance work going on due to which the servers of the app are down. At this point in time, your Flipboard app may not work properly and will start functioning once the servers are up.

Widgets Not Updated

When the widgets of the Flipboard app are not updated you can also face the problem of the app crashing down. The widgets need to be updated all the time so that you can get all the latest news on one go. The main reason for the widgets not being updated is due to no internet connection.

If these are not the reasons for Flipboard crashing then you can also try to uninstall the app and install it back again to resolve this issue.